RuggedTub Satisfaction Survey

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Which country are you located in?
Where did you purchase your RuggedTub®?
From which store did you purchase your RuggedTub®?
Why did you choose RuggedTub®?

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Which model of sink did you buy?
Which colour did you buy?
Was the faucet included?
What is your overall level of satisfaction with your purchase?

1 = very unsatisfied | 5 = very satisfied

Who installed your RuggedTub®?
If you installed the tub yourself, please rate your installation experience

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What is the purpose of the installation?
Which location best describes where you installed the RuggedTub®?
How likely are you to recommend RuggedTub® products to someone else?

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How important is it to you that the utility sink have an antibacterial protection?

1 = Not important | 5 = Very important

What material do you prefer for the legs?
For what reason(s)?

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For what reason(s)?

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