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For more than 30 years, Technoform has designed, manufactured and distributed bathroom products for consumers and industry professionals. Our collections can be found in stores and online at most North American retailers and home improvement centres. Explore our wide range of products, which include baths, showers, walls and surrounds, utility sinks, as well as our brand new line of tiles and decorative panels that will beautify any room.

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Techno Wise

Smart system: ease of installation is beautiful

Designed to make everything easier! Shower doors bearing the Techno Wise® seal can be installed in no time, thanks to an innovative system that uses fewer nuts and bolts, requires only standard tools and can easily be adjusted to out-of-plumb walls. Brilliant!

Eco baths: environmentally-friendly is beautiful

An easy choice: bathtubs that bear the Enviro Bath® seal are a Technoform innovation, offering a solution that’s safer for personal health and the environment. They do not contain any harmful resins or emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Elementary!