Our products are guaranteed to be free of all manufacturing defects from the date of purchase indicated on the consumer’s sales receipt. This warranty is limited to the original owner and is not transferable to another consumer. The warranty applies to the product only and does not cover labour, travel expenses, the cost of installation or removal, or shipping. At its discretion, the manufacturer will, at its own expense, replace or repair any defective product during the warranty period if the installation is compliant (does not include the aforementioned costs). The warranty does not apply to stains caused by ferrous or hard water. This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, neglect, misuse, breakage resulting from shocks, improper handling, modifications made to the product or the use of chemical or abrasive products. Should that be the case, the warranty will be revoked without further recourse. This warranty is valid only if the installation instructions were followed and the installation is compliant with the instruction manual. This warranty is limited to the manufacturer’s decision regarding replacement or repair. No compensation may be claimed as a result of an accident during installation or during the use of the product.



    • Laundry tubs and faucets: 1 year
    • Polystyrene shower and tub surrounds: 3 years
    • Shower kits with a polypropylene base and polystyrene walls: 3 years
    • Shower kits with an acrylic base and walls: 10 years
    • Acrylic bathtubs and shower walls: 10 years
    • Acrylic skirted and drop-in bathtubs: 5 years
    • Acrylic freestanding bathtubs: 10 years
    • Acrylic bases: 10 years
    • Shower doors: 10 years
    • Decorative panels and tiles: 10 years



PAYMENT TERMS | Net 30 days. All products shipped remain the property of Technoform Industries Ltd. until full payment is received.

PRICE LIST | The price list does not constitute an offer of sale. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices exclude taxes.

RETURNS | We do not accept the return of any merchandise without prior written authorization. All products returned for credit or replacement must be shipped at the customer or consumer’s expense at the location specified by the manufacturer. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking/handling fee.

SHIPPING-RELATED CLAIMS POLICY | The company assumes no liability for any shipping delays beyond its control. Delivery to the initial carrier also constitutes delivery to the customer. Once the merchandise has been delivered to the carrier, Technoform Industries Ltd. will not be held liable for any shipping-related loss or damages. Claims for loss or damages must be addressed to the carrier. Exception: if the merchandise was shipped prepaid, Technoform customer service must be notified within 24 hours of receiving the merchandise.


The warranty for certain Technoform products changed on January 1, 2021. The new warranty applies to any product purchased by the consumer on January 1, 2021 or later. Technoform will honor all warranties in effect at the time of purchase until their expiration.